Buddhism is a way of life which is based on the profound and wholesome teachings of the Buddha to all people, revealing the true face of life and the universe. The Buddha did not preach to win converts but to enlighten listeners. It is a religion of wisdom where knowledge and intelligence predominate. Buddhism has brought peace of mind, happiness, and harmony to millions of people in its long history of more than 2,500 years.

Buddhism is practical religion devoted to conditioning the mind through a normal daily lift in such a way as to lead to peace, tranquility, happiness, wisdom and perfect freedom. As a plan of living which derives the highest benefit from life, it is sometimes referred to as “Humanistic Buddhism.”

Words of Widsom

(Excerpts from Buddhist Sutras, teachings of Great Masters and the Wise)

Attitude in Learning Buddhism
Entry to Buddhism
A True Buddhist
A Religion of Peace
True Faith
Law of Cause and Effect
Karma (deed)
The Best Good Luck
The Three Dharma Seals
Life is Uncertain - Death is Certain
Life is Impermanent. All Forms are Illusions.
Emptiness of All Things
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