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  • Festival Q&A
  • Q1. What major Buddhist festivals are celebrated?

    There are a number of Buddhist festivals celebrated throughout the year, of which the most important is the commemoration of Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. There are three days to be honoured and the original dates are:

    Buddha’s Birthday : Lunar April 8
    Buddha’s Renouncement Day : Lunar February 8
    Buddha’s Enlightenment Day : Lunar December 8

    Buddha’s Birthday has become an annual Festival, celebrated in Southbank Parklands on the 1st Sunday of May since 1997.

  • Q2. Why is Sakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday also called the Bathing Buddha Festival?

    Sakyamuni Buddha, originally Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini Park. It was said when the baby prince was born, he walked seven steps and at each step, a lotus flower sprang up from the ground. Two dragons appeared in the sky spurting two streams of purified water down to bathe the baby. Thereafter, when people celebrate Buddha’s Birthday, they use fragrant water to bathe the baby Buddha statue. This symbolizes the purification of our mind to remove our mental dirt of greed, hatred and ignorance.