Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Art Classes for Children, Teenagers and Adults

A most experienced Artist/ Teacher will be conducting Art Classes at the Temple. Anyone wishing to participate will need to register at Reception to be part of the Fun.
List of Materials required for these Classes will be available when Registration is completed.

Date: 22.02.2020 to 11.04.2020 (Children’s Arts Classes)
15.02.2020 to 04.04.2020 (Adult’s Arts Classes)

1:00 pm ~ 2:00 pm, Age 4 ~ 7 Years old $60.00
2:10 pm ~ 3:30 pm, Age 8 ~ 12 Years old $60.00
3:40 pm ~ 5:00 pm, Adults & Age 13+ $60.00

Fee and Payment

Early payment is encouraged. We would appreciate payment to be paid at least a week prior to the course commence date.

How to Pay
You can pay at the temple or via bank transfer.
BSB No. 014 279
A/C No. 37198 3923
Account Name: International Buddhist Association of QLD. (IBAQ)

What to bring?
Hello, my name is Julie, I am an artist and have been drawing since I was three years old, learning how much I love art, i never stop trying new and interesting art forms. Some of the that I have learned, i would like to teach the children at the temple I will start with graphite pencil drawing, this will give the students a good grounding for other forms of art that I will teach at a later date. For the drawing class the students will need: one 2H graphite pencil, one HB graphite pencil, one 2B graphite pencil, one 4B graphite pencil, one 6B graphite pencil, one sharpener, one eraser, one A3 cartridge sketch book 110 GSM, one A5 cartridge sketch book 110 GSM, and one ruler.
I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults since I was sixteen years old at different organisations like the police citizens youth club, schools, collage, St Lucia university, and childcare centres for the last forty years.