The Temple is delighted to welcome Mimi Phun and Chujin Wu, two very experienced teachers, to conduct Tai Chi classes in 2022.

Mimi is skilled in both the Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi. Since 2006 she has been successful in competitions in Australia and New Zealand and awarded gold, silver and bronze medals for her skilful performances.

Chujin is a Six duan wei instructor of Wushu martial arts and an International Tai Chi instructor and Judge. He teaches Tai Chi Qi Gong and Yang style Tai Chi using swords, broad swords and Kung Fu fans. He has competed in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Queensland and received gold medals for his skills in Tai Chi and Wushu.

Join Mimi and Chujin’s classes and experience Tai Chi – the harmony of body and mind, actions and breathing.

Tai Chi Class students 1
Tai Chi Class students 2